Lip-Shape Up

Get in shape. The secret to plump, pillowy lips: Outline and
highlight around the mouth before applying color.
The contrast in shades creates visible fullness.

Blot lips with a tissue before applying any lip color to remove excess product
that may still be lingering on lips. A clean canvas locks lipstick in place longer.

Step 1

Dot a light, shimmery eyeshadow on
your Cupid’s bow. Then, trace the
edges of both lips with the brush-on
highlighter, but skip the spot where
you just applied the shadow. Blend
with fingertips so no line is visible.

Step 2

For added definition and to help color
last, fill lips in with liner. Apply lipstick.

Step 3

Top with a sweep of gloss just
at the center of the mouth for
extra plushness.